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We could all afford to take a leaf out the UPSers handbook. Their employees enjoy more than a few choice benefits that are a key part of any responsible benefits package. If you’re wondering what attractions could tempt you to the side of UPSers, look no further than this great top 3 list. If you’re already a UPSer and you want to see what you have that most people don’t, this is the place to look. These awesome benefits aren’t available just anywhere.

1. 401k Plans and Contributions

At UPSers, they’re willing to match your 401k contributions. This is great for two reasons: the first is, if you’re willing to donate the maximum 5% a year, you could effectively be socking away 10% of your paycheck every year that you’re working. You don’t know what things are going to cost when you’re safely retired, but you want any hope of living in comfort for the rest of your life you have to either start planning for this now, or hope that you win the lottery. Even if you don’t end up staying with this company all your life, everything that you save now is yours. That’s a great plan that you can learn more about at upsers.com.

The second great reason this in amazing? It forces you to actually plan for the future. Most people think that saving for retirement isn’t their worry right now. The sooner you start, the better things will be.

2. Disability Leave

Almost any job contains some danger. As you can see at www.upsers.com, disability coverage actually comes with your benefits. You will have to go through due process if you want to claim it, but it’s something that is coming to you as an upser. That alone is fantastic. There are plenty of jobs with high levels of risk and low levels of support if you get hurt. This isn’t one of those times.

3. Great Online Network

Lastly, a great online network is a benefit that most people don’t notice until they don’t have it. Once you get your upsers.com login you’re ready to access a lot of information on your benefits. You can also find out who to contact with questions, and even access a forum where you can discuss things with other employees. A strong online network lets you get information from anywhere, any time.